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When did you realize you wanted an IS300 and what made you think, or what did you do to afford it. What car and year did you have before? Why did you not get any other car in it's price range.

My story. My rich friend showed me the catalog to this car before it came out. She insisted she was going to get this car. Everytime my friends and I saw one driving by we stare at it. It was such a good looking car. I never thought I could afford one. Well I guess one day My friend's dad traded in her Mustang and got her a Jetta instead. Basically her dad said she does not deserve a 30k car, but I guess her brother does. Neeways one day my Civic got stolen and I had to start looking at different cars. My cousin had a 2000 Jeep Cherokke but upgraded to a Tahoe by leasing it and her paymnets were still the same as her other financed car. Well I thought hey, I could do that because the Tahoe is about the same price as the Lexus. Then I got my car back and a year later I decided to just lease it. I wanted it really bad, I should of bought it but I think my Dad will buy it off me so I will be ok in the long run. My friend says I am a copy catter. But hey who bought the car and didn't rely on mommy and daddy. Supposedly she is going to get one now or she is in the process of trying to get a better car than me. She mentioned Infiniti. :) :) :)
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