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Actually... in response to some other posts, the new Volvo S60 will NOT have torque steer, thanx to AWD, and i think it's not bad looking, compared to the IS it looks a bit more classy, although not as sporty and sleek. When it comes out next year i'm definately gonna give it a try before i decide... Here's a link to the post about the S60 T-5R
Hopefully it will come to the US as the 850 T-5R did...

'99 GS400 White/Tan/ RMM Grille/ 18" Mille Miglia Evos/ Debadged/ Nav/ L-Tuned suspension/ L-Tuned ECU

'94 Supra 6-spd/ Black/tan NA/ H&R Springs/ GReddy Intake/ Targa Top

Chris Y.
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