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On October 9th I went in to my local dealership for the 4th time and left there with my dream car, a black 02 IS300 5sp with black interior graphite wheels and spoiler. I must say that frequently reading the post on this forum has helped me with my purchase. The car is so awesome!!! I told the dealer I was a member of and knew everything about the car and that I didn't want to play games. He was great and gave me a great deal!! Anyway, thanks for all the knowledge.
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I agree. This forum has helped many, including myself... The latest and greatest helpful news would be the Bridgestone Potenza RE-040 (and Goodyear's too I think) replacement campaign for certain earlier IS300's... I can't wait - hope I'm part of this group to get this...

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That's right, I forgot somebody posted something about that... Thanks for the heads up SilverLex!

Does anyone know the e-mail address for the Lexus Customer Service?

I tried to access it via the, but you need to registered as an US IS300 owner:
"Owner Registration not available for vehicles registered in Hawaii or countries outside the United States." And of course, I'm from Canada.


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