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For me it was mostly bad experience with the sales dude. Don’t remember his name anymore, he is their Internet department sales person, but the story was like this: They quoted me a price by e-mail of the 2001 IS300 loaded with my desirable options. I was pretty excited, since it was a good deal. But, just to make sure I could get a second opinion, I went to Sewell Lexus (which is 5 minutes away from my house, compared to 1 hr for Park Place). Considering what Park Place offered, they were able to match that, and even threw in a free brushed-aluminum dash kit! So, e-mailed the Park Place guy to thank him for the quote and that I got a better offer from Sewell, which also happens to be closer… Boy, let me tell you! He was not a happy camper! He was accusing me of “questionable ethics” this and that, and came short of cursing me out! My feelings were really hurt…. Well, not really. But I didn’t appreciate that kind of a treatment.

But I’m sure their service department is great. Just like any other Lexus.

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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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