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Originally posted by indy:
Thats funny that you dont hear the Turbo whistle anymoe...
Considering how most turbo's work, it takes time to build up pressure, and the pressure shouldnt drop "that" fast when you shift.
My friend has an Audi and when he shifts the Turbo Gauge stays enagaged because it hasnt had time to depressure yet.
I used to have a Saab Turbo 900 myself but I do not remember if the whistle disappeared on shifts...

indy, those are small-bore turbos...they don't lag nearly as much, but they don't provide much ATMs in boost, either

my porsche 951 has a massive, aftermarket, RUF-built turbo on it, and it takes a long time to spool -- most cars will jump me off the light. but when she's wound up, she GOES. u have to get used to driving with boost took me a while, but now I know how to keep the car in the powerband.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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