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Test drove 2002 Grey IS

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I test drove for the first time today an automatic 2002 IS. Although I'm looking to buy the manual, I wanted to test drive the automatic just to get the feel of the car. Some things that I was paying particular attention to were:
1) Pick-up and speed
2) Steering and suspension
I was very impressed with the way it handled turns and drove overall, however I'm kind of skeptical about speed. I recently test drove a manual V6 Jetta and found it to be very comparable to the speed of the IS. I was actually expecting the IS to have much better pick-up and speed, has anybody else experienced this also?
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euro spec?? please explain this one.

Originally posted by dude:
I thought they've upgraded the VR6 to the euro spec ones for the 2002.....That will sure make a huge difference......
sweet, did not know this. i always wondered why the had those 2 huge valves, instead of making it 4 valves per cylinder.
the crazy part is that it is now true DOHC, instead of twin cam like it was before. a true DOHC setup with only 2 cams is pretty complicated, i guess it is possible only because of the narrow angle v motor. now they just need to make it a NON interference motor for the 4 valve (if they haven't done it already, i know for a fact that the 2 valve per cylinder motor was) and it would be an almost perfectly designed motor.

Originally posted by JW:
There are two versions of the VR6 engine: one with 12 valves and another with 24 valves. Currently, the U.S. gets the 12-valve VR6, but Europe gets the 24-valve VR6.

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Originally posted by IS300GTE:
[qb]euro spec?? please explain this one.
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