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13321"Good eye catcher, huh? It's true, but only if you are attending the SEMA '07 Show in Las Vegas (which, unfortunately, is not open to the general public/consumer)." With those words, new my.IS member Av4ry informs us, <A HREF="">in an IS-F Forum thread</A>, that Lexus, as part of its events and festivities for <A HREF="">Toyota's proclamation as the "Official Vehicle Manufacturer of the 2007 Show"</A>, will be offering test drives of the IS-F.

As Av4ry reminds us, the SEMA show is only open to the automotive specialty performance products trade, and NOT to the general public/consumer. On the other hand, there is a segment of the my.IS community and its sponsors that belongs to the trade and/or are SEMA members, so, for you (provided you're 21 years of age or older), the test drives are offered in 15-minute intervals on Tuesday 30 October from 12 Noon to 5 PM and on Wednesday 31 October and Thursday 1 November from 9 AM to 5 PM. To register, visit <A HREF="">the IS F Test Drive Homepage.</A>


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