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The future is now
by Nauman Farooq

From huge losses posted every fiscal quarter to the promise of a brighter, cleaner (and profitable) future, the Tesla story is one that’s genuinely intriguing.

Ready to write it off from the beginning as a billionaire’s pet project, we tested the Tesla Roadster several years back and it restored our faith in electric cars. Not only did it have usable range, but it was also quick beyond belief and very entertaining to drive.

However, the Roadster is now the past. Production ended on that model last December and so today we will look towards the future, to see if Tesla’s latest offering will excite us and convince us that electric motoring is a viable everyday alternative for a much larger segment of the population.

We caught up with Tesla and its new Model S zero-emissions luxury sedan during the brand’s tour across the continent, dedicated to showcasing its products to potential clients and the automotive press.


This product differs quite a lot from the Roadster, because first of all, it has its own chassis – not one borrowed from Lotus. The chassis is question was designed by Huibert Mees, who’s past credits include the Ford GT supercar.

And with their own chassis, Tesla could now design the car to look the way they want it to, rather than just modify the styling of an existing car. To execute that part of the project Tesla hired Franz Von Holzhausen, who used to design Mazdas for a living.


So the new car has its own platform and styling, and also unlike the Roadster, the Model S is a practical family sedan. Actually, call it a family fastback, because the trunk-lid and rear-glass are joined, underneath which you can either have a large cargo area, or the optional rear-facing jump-seats to carry two children.

Otherwise the spacious cabin can comfortably seat five people, and since in this electric car the battery and motor are neatly tucked underneath the floor, under the hood you’ll just find more cargo space.

So the Model S is a practical design, but it is also attractive. Seeing it in person, we could not find a single awkward angle to this design. True, the styling is reminiscent of the Jaguar XF, though that’s not a bad thing – especially when the Model S looks better.

Open the door (procedure: press on the flush mounted door handles, which then pop out automatically and then pull on them) and you’re greeted by one of the nicest, cleanest interior designs and layouts you’ll ever see. It’s like a concept car interior, only better built.
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