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2006 is350 f-sport

06 IS350 Rare black & Tan F-Sport pkg
With mark levinson system. NAV. 1" lowered
(Sucks). Oem body kit , soundlinQ iPod
Integration , DVD bypass , illuminated door sills.
K&N typhoon cold air intake .
19" Matte black Concave wheels,w/falken tires.
Every option available was added by 1st
Owner . And now this baby is mine and this
Is by far the best car I have ever owned
And I've had many many nice cars.
I'm new to this forum so I'm a newb ;)
So I'll take any suggestions on the best
Way to increase HP , best lowering options.
Etc. Thx Craig.
Glad to be a part of a awesome forum.


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Hey hey. Have my IS for a lil under a year but was over in the Club Lexus. Anyways....

2006 IS350
Black Onyx, black int
Luxury package
Black housing headlights
CF vinyl interior
HKS exhaust
Fujita Intake

Looking to do so much more this spring.

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09 BSP /blk 39,000miles here!

I'm a new member( own a 97 SC400 for 10 years!)
I just picked up a 2009 IS350 Black Sapphire Pearl/blk 39,000 miles in Dallas last weekend.
-Rare PCS
-Sport suspension package
-Mark levinson Sound
-XM equipped, but i don't believe i have it.

The bad part - Upon inspecting the car at the Dealer/Auction place, the car had been in a minor fender bender. I could tell because the driver headlight was scuffed up from the inside(junk yard replacement). Everything else looked good. I was driving down the North Tollway and the PCS light came on. It failed when i got near objects on my right. The auction type dealer stated they didn't make any repairs to any part of the car. Whatever... it wasn't reported on carfax either. Not the end of the world, but wasn't happy either.

I did endless internet "PCS light/clean sensor" search over the last few days. I can't find much on it. Must be super rare. I checked it out and noticed people talking about a shiny L emblem on the front with the cars with PCS. I didn't have a shiny flat Emblem. Whoever replaced the front grill from the minor fender bender replaced it with a standard grill. It wasn't a hard hit because the PCS controller wasn't bent, but one side was broken. The bolt was in place, but there wasn't a nut to hold the radar driver side of the radar in place.

Apparently, the standard Emblem does work with the PCS most of the time. I'm going to figure out what size bolt holds it in place and attach a washer and nut to hold it in place(aiming forward). I looked into replacing the grille with the PCS grill and shiny emblem. It looks very expensive. I don't think it will attach in place of the standard emblem. It requires the PCS grill.

It was a disappointing start to my new IS350 experience, but it was mostly due to the dealer/auction place...The rest of the car is amazing. I was very impressed. It has roughly 10 more horses than my 97 SC400(big V8) 19mph hwy, but i'm getting 26-27 mpg on my long 110mile round trip work commute.

It still hard to get use to the port injection sound - has a deisel clinging sound to it.


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Picked up my 07 is350 matador red last year but new to the forums. Definitely glad I got the 350.

It's my first car I've ever owned so I'm pretty pleased with it. Tan leather and full luxury upgrade. Couldn't ask for anything more.

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2006 IS350 in Matador Red with black interior, fully loaded only thing missing is ML stereo system.

Lowered on springs
Slotted drilled rotors
Painted calipers
F sport Intake
F sport sways front & rear
F sport Knob
F sport carpets
F sport front grille
LED interiors
LED puddles
M2 Exhaust
GFX full body kit from Sewell

Shopping for 18" or 19" wheels may go with Miro 111's

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New IS350 member, but previously, and still an IS300 owner. Just picked up my 2012 IS350 F-Sport at the end of July and I am loving it. Its like a new girlfriend in which I'm pampering with gifts and such.

New addition:
2012 IS350 F-Sport Package
Minor upgrades list:
1. White LED puddle lights
2. White LED visor lights
3. White LED door lights.
4. Red LED signal lights (Ricer quick flasher)
5. Added F-Sport shift knob
6. Bought F-Sport leather key fob holders.

Still loving the IS300:
2003 IS300 Sport Design (5 Speed)
Minor upgrades list:
1. Complete K&N Intake
2. White LED signal lights (Ricer quick flasher)
3. Smoke color side markers w/ white LED bulbs
4. White LED conversion for cluster, AC, and OEM radio.
5. Red LED signal bulbs
6. White LED reverse bulbs
7. TRD shift knob
8. Painted OEM calipers to red w/ eBay Lexus decal.
9. Drilled and slotted rotors.

Need to shrink pictures to load. Stay posted.

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Is 350 c

what color did you get? What options packages? Whatever else we might like to know about your new is.
i just grabbed an is 350 convertible. Love it but whenever i look up wheels for it ,it says these wheels not compatible with a 2012 is 350 c and im putting in the right size (5x114.3) now why is that?
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