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tell me what u guys think

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i am from the san diego area and have noticed that the red stop lights are very bright and attractive. they are the led ones. Well i did some research and found out that they need some modification(very minor) but will fit in out big brake light whole. i called the city to find out if they would even sell me teo but they said they couldnt. So i found a place that makes stuff for the city and if you have a electric repair lisence they will sell you one. so my uncle called cause he has one and they told him a price of 400.00 a pair. they are not the exact one from the city but r the same and just as bright. what do u guys think.

looking for some input.

later dennis
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might be useful to blind those pesky tailgaters.
I like the look of LED's but those traffic lights are way to bright. You would get pulled over if you put those in the center tail light slots. I give you credit for the unique idea though. I wouldnt have ever thought of that.
Are they even compatible voltage/frequency/phase/etc.?
why not check out some semis that drive by.. they now have the led looking brake lights ... maybe you could get a set of those cheaper adn it would be even easier to modify...
TRIZ MIA. Iam yet to meet with you and check out your ride. Every time you guys have a get together I am screwed with sh&*t(work,school,etc). I hope everything is cool.
thanks yall for the input. i will look at the semi trucks to see what there lights have. the street lights are a different volt and phase but a converter is not hard to come by.

thanks again everyone
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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