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Ok, so i really want to lower my car but i can't decide what i want to get.
And yes i did search around and research, i am just looking for some added input considering my needs.

For starters
1. I'm not going to be racing
2. I do like the stock ride quality, but would like it a bit stiffer
3. Looks are important
4. The idea of being able to adjust them at anytime is appealling (i.e. Tein HA)

I suppose i'm just curious what you guys would do in this case, and if anyone has any good advice. I also have considered the TRD Sportivo JCE, but i'm kinda leaning towards one of these two.

1. what would be the effort in lowering or raising your car after the suspension was installed?
2. I've seen conflicting info on how much the car is lowered at the highest setting, some say stock, some say 1.5", which is it?
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