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TEG (ANYONE) Can you post pics of the Air Flow Meter for the

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i am curious as to if the IS's airflow meter is a karman vortex, what it looks like and what the part numbers for it are.
if you took it off the housing and photographed it, that would be even better, thanks in advance.
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Isn't this the AFM? :

I really don't know what kind it is, and I don't particularly want to start unscrewing things to find out...
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thats it, thank you very much. is it a 5 or 7 pin connector?
By the looks of it, my friend says it's most likely a dry bulb hot wire airmass sensor.

sweet, you are the sh*t teg.
thanks alot

Originally posted by TEG:
Toyota Part # 22204-22010
5 wires...
It is a hot wire with a thermal air temp sensor.

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