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tailight/paint questions

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Hey folks,

Im looking to purchase an IS before the end of the year, so I was told to check this board for the most info on the car. I was wondering about that gorgeous blue color on the IS; is this the same color the Toyota division uses on the Celica GTS and the new RAV4? Thats my first question.
Secondly, regarding the brake lights; does the inside running light illuminate along with the main tailights when you press the brake? I havent seen that many out on the road, so I havent been able to see for myself.

Thanks for any help.
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Sorry for the double post. I thought I would add my vehicle information, but I didnt realize it would post again. Oops.
Please be more specific. I have no idea what you're talking about.

The running lights that you're reffering to? Do you mean the city lights in the front of the car?

There are three bulbs in the back of the car if I remember correctly. A dual filament brake bulb, a clear back up bulb, and an orange turn bulb. There is no running bulb in the back.
Yes, all the brakelights light up (all four red circles + the CHMSL), just like the GS's brakelights.
I think he means the lights that will pop up along trunk when you release the trunk
Thanks, JW & Salt. Thats what I was referring to. I havent been close to any on the road, so I didnt know if all 4 lights illuminate when you press the brake.

99 328i
I have a Celica and a RAV4 brochure, and yes, they both use SBM, just like the IS.

Gorgeous color!
Does the Corolla come in the same color? ...oooppps I forgot IS300 IS a v6 Corolla....

Nice but overpriced...
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