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Seems kind of fishy to me, he has a few feedback points (all for buying not selling) but not enough for me to pay by money order or wire transfer, the buyer would have no recourse. This guy may be an honest ebayer but I wouldn't want to be the one to find out he has all of those wheels for the same price, he has like 10 auctions out there for complete sets. I would love to buy some at that price, if anyone out there has a successful deal with this guy let us know :)

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They emailed me back and I'm not sure if I would trust these guys. Which kinda sucks cause it seems like a raw deal. Here is the email I recieved:

Hello jzak,

yes we have them in stock to fit your car. Interested? How much do you
want to spend on this package?also you have any preference for tires
as brand and size?All come mounted and balanced + free lug nuts,valve
stem and center caps too,the rims are brand new and come with 3 years
limited warranty,and the tires are brand new and come with one year
limited warranty, also the shipping is free with buy now option,so let
me know if you have a better offer?Also if you decide i will need all
your info as address and name for shipping details,also how do you
like to pay?I will wait your e-mail .

Are you interested in just bidding for this ? I am asking because
I would like to negotiate a buy-it-now price with you.
Please let me know if you are interested as soon as you read this.
We offer free shipping and other attractive discounts for outright
Thanks for looking at my auctions !

Best regards,
office mailto:eek:[email protected]

Plus if you notice, the person didn't even sign their name on the bottom. Kinda weird if you ask me.

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I saw those exact same pics on ebay a couple of months ago when I was looking for rims and everytime it was listed from a new account. I don't think the auctions ever ended because eBay always shut them down. buyer beware. If you do decide to get them be sure to use a credit card for payment through payal. So you have a way of getting your money back if you get jacked. No checks or money orders, not enough safety in those.
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