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Friday at the Streets of Willow Springs; September 16th, 2005

Price: $130 one day (Instruction included in School group, or + $30 per day
in other groups)

Duration: 1 day, 2.5 hours of track time per group!**

Track: Streets of Willow Springs Rosamond, CA (near Lancaster)

Registration: Click here:

Timing: Transponders are available for rental.

Event Info:

The Streets of Willow Springs is a favorite short track in the Los Angeles
area, popular with magazines for car tests and an excellent learning track
as well. Turns are moderate-speed (35 - 70mph), making it a safe place to
take your street car and find its limits. All the turns but one have wide
runoff areas of well-packed dirt. This track is highly-recommended for car
and driver development due to it's lower-speed, technical nature.

We'll be running the full track CW. We will be running three run groups,
with five sessions per group, totalling 2.5 hours per group. Details on the
day's schedule are available here:

**Note - Details of this event are subject to change. Event will run rain or
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