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Survey - Snow Tires

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I just wanted to get a feel for what most people were doing about snow tires in the Northeast, and up in the midwest.

These question is posed to IS300 owners with the 17" wheels.

1. Did you purchase snow or all-season tires?

2. Did you buy them for the stock 17" rims or did you buy a new set of wheels?

3. If all-season, do you intend to keep this on year round or go back to the stock summers when the weather turns good?

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I just purchased, but have not recieved a set of 16" wheels with Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice tires that I will keep on the car only in the winter months.
1. 17" stock rims with snow tire: Michelin XM+S 330 (dealer's winter package: dealer stores the stock summer tires w/ no cost)

2. for 17" stock rims

3. will go back to the stock summer tires some time in spring

We have too much snow in Buffalo (especially this winter). Although I have snow tires for is300, I tend not to drive it with snow.
I bought new smaller 16" rims w/ all year tires. Last nights roads were icy and I was able to make it home @ ~25-30 mph on local roads, somewhat safely.

Coming up towards an inclining bridge @ 30 mph (stupid me, I knew it should have been extra slippery) I started to fishtail. Luckily there were no other cars on the road and praise the lord for ABS brakes. I only swerved a little to the right, a little to the left and finally obtained control of the car w/o spinning out. What a rush... Ironically when I was beginning downhill from the bridge I see a Chevy Blazer was coming up my rear really fast. He spun out. He didn't hit anything, since the bridge was really wide. I bet he was sh1tting bricks.

I plan to get new Yoko's and a new set of lighter gunsmoke colored aftermarket 17" rims sometime in March hopefully.

-crontab -l

An Ecstatic Owner of a Fully-Loaded Graphite Gray 2001 Lexus IS 300
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1. purchased snow tires, michelin artic alpin
2. bought set of wheels
3. will swap bewtween winter and summer tires at the appropriate time...
I plan to get Blizzak LM22's, but I am wondering if I should get the MZ01 instead. The LM22 is H rated (130 mph) vs a Q rating for the MZ01 (99 mph). Does anyone have the LM22 or MZ01?
My ride looks great with the 16" Konig Rated R and Michelin Artics...In fact, I've had quite a few random compliments that my car looked more aggressive with this setup.

There are tons of clearance on the brake calipers.

I'll post pics next week.
hurricane - I have the pilot alpins (similar to LM-22's). I finally had to venture out in the snow today, and they were fine. My friend has MZ-01's and they felt grippier in deep stuff, but the pilot alpins handle better in the dry. Unless you plan on driving over 90 (being safe of course), get the Q rated tires. They're also cheaper.
Are Q rated tires much cheaper than the recommended H and above?

-crontab -l

An Ecstatic Owner of a Fully-Loaded Graphite Gray 2001 Lexus IS 300
I got TOYO GARIT HT 17inch on my Stock Rims. We've had a few snow storms here in Toronto (20cm) and the tires have performed to my expectation.
Tried my E36 BMW 325i in the Massachusetts snow this morning, and it's awful. The traction control was on for the entire small hill I had to go up, I wasn't sure I'd make it. My snow tires (Continentals - came with the car) are going on ASAP. Anyone who says the traction control is all you need on a RWD car (with summer tires) is a fool.
I'm in the Chicago area.

Got me Blizzak MZ01s with Sport Valore rims from Tire Rack. Had the big blizzard here in Chicago past couple days. So far so good. I've been happy with their performance.

The MZ01s provide better overal snow/ice tractions over the LM22s. For the higher speed ratings on the LM22s you supposedly loose out a little on the overall snow/ice traction. But what do I know, I never had LM22s to compare to.

The 99 mph rating of the MZ01s don't bother me since I won't be driving like a mad man in the winter months anyways.

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How do the Sport Valore's look on the IS? I coudn't quite tell from the web site. We only get a couple of good snows a year here in KC. So I might still go for the LM22's. I drive like mad all the time (except on ice, snow, and water) - if its dry, I fly.
I put a set of racing heart 17" wheels and a set of perelli Isommetrics on for winter. They handle great in the snow.

Originally posted by hurricane:
I plan to get Blizzak LM22's, but I am wondering if I should get the MZ01 instead. The LM22 is H rated (130 mph) vs a Q rating for the MZ01 (99 mph). Does anyone have the LM22 or MZ01?
I don't have my IS yet, but my family got a new set of Blizzak WS 50 (?) last Saturday for the Toyota. They are more aggressively treaded than the LM22 or the LZ01. We are mightily glad we got the Bridgestone. Just in time for this week's snow storm. Only one thing, they drive like snow tires on dry road. Don't expect any dry road performance from them.

We also have a set of Artic Alpin on the Legend. The Blizzak is better in the deep snow, they were able to claw through deep snow without problem. The car was even able to go up our steep, up-shoveled drive way (coming back from work). We were pretty amazed with the traction.

We had the Pirelli Winter Ice before the Bridegestone, no comparison. The Pirellis were better in the dry. But we made a conscious decision to sacrifice dry road handling for maximum snow/ice traction this time.
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