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Hi guys.. Today I went to the dealer for the 5000 mile checkup and
the ECU upgrade. Well, it turns out that my car is not eligible
for the upgrade since it's already got it. So I told them I dont
care what I got, it has the problem.. which really matters right?
Well, it turns out they can't do anything about it. Weird huh?
Even after the new upgrade my car does that. The technician
was tryin to explain to me as to why it happens and told "
that the ECU learns constantly of how one drives... He says it learns
every 30 mins and so if 2 people are drivin it soft and the other hard,
it might confuse the ecu.. and so the problem. I guess I don't drive
hard all the time which makes up for the weird shifting. So 30 min is what
it takes for the ecu to learn your habit.. And not the __MILES peeps at
the forum says. Unless the technician is wrong. And he also says it constantly
learns it and changes every 30 mins.. not a one time thing.

Does that makes sense to you guys? It kinda does to me..
But if this is the problem, why couldn't they say the same thing about
the old ECU? Oh well..
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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