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Supra performance for the IS?

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Has anyone done any research on twin turbo charging the IS? I once had a 94 Supra Turbo and it was a wonderful car. Does anyone know if the IS has received twin turbos like in the old Supra? If so how did they go about the whole process?
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Tebb-From what I've heard, the Supra TT manifold will not fit in the IS because of the ABS system. But, there are turbo kits out for the IS. One is Toyomoto and the other is XS Engineering. Those are custom single turbo kits(expensive). But, if someone knows how to hook up the Supra TT system than plz lemme know also..Hope this helps.
TebbNSX: try doing a search. this topic has been discussed quite a lot. hope that helps.
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