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Type of Meet for 2010

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Just happy to get this going and have some sort of activity planned for myself after my that is also taking my time....heheh so re-cap...


Patchett88 for kitchener-waterloo area...

4drsupra, lexuriuz and lexusecutive for toronto area

Roswell for ottawa - dnt worry dude 3 is a as long as you guys are comming I'm sure we will have a blast

????? quebec - still waiting for any takers on this I already posted in the quebec roll call forums...

Tentative Plan: (we are still gathering Idea's and the main point of this is make it as diverse for everyone to be interested and pumped...also try to make it out the whole day instead of just portions)

Day1: (we need a location)
-Meet and Greet (if you still have your badges from last year bring them, if you dnt lets see if mikster wants to come out and play again with these...mik???)
-Track day(you dnt have to track your car) and chill
-BBQ lunch(Will need help on this if we push it...AKA hu is a good grill master and equipments...also budget)
-more track and chill/ photoshoot

-Cruise to Dave and Busters
-hang out for the night and photoshoot

Next day:
East coast peeps head out if they are staying for the night

Sign- up sheets: (just copy and paste your area and I will consolidate every now and then... also please indicate if you want to track so lexusecutive can geta solid number of people for the track day fee's)

Kitchener-waterloo area:
1. Patchett88
2. IS300RR

Toronto GTA:
Toronto GTA:
1. 4drsupra - Tracking
2. lexuriuz - Tracking
3. Mikster
4. lexboi250
5. Vortec
7. agent_orange
8. turboa
9. lexusecutive - Tracking
10. tonylexus2008
11. Petrol Head
12. crester
13. eye ess
14. Ricky_88
15. 4drsupra's brother with G35
16. krazykillezz
(I just prefilled my hommies as I know they won't disappoint...hopefully)

1. Roswell


1. ItaLianO
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