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Daniel, it's not the supercharger that gives it a bad note, it's the 2.3 four banger with a terrible sounding exhaust. It has NOTHING to do with the supercharger whine. In fact, the sc tends to disguise the awful sounding four, if anything.

Originally posted by Daniel:
I guess you haven't heard the supercharger in those C230 engines. They sounded like a diesel car, very very loud. If it is a sound like turbo, then I don't mind since the only annoy part is that little whine you hear when you don't have other noise. Supercharger on the other hand, usually generate more noise than turbo, so I am more reluctant to go into it. Plus the fact that they are harder to tune then turbo. With a turbo system, I can just throw in my EVC IV I have sitting in my room and go to higher boost by just a click of the bottom, whereas with Supercharger you will have to change pulley and other mechanical parts.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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