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sorry to hear bout the rough road, im glad your sticking with it though man. great build with the parts you have picked up and im sure it will be worth it in the end when you get to first drive that thing done

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RE-A tail light cover(rep)

t56 shifter cover

JDM lock set ..just missing the bin lock. seeing how the prior owner is in prison from shady stuff I guess its a good idea

Hinson Super Cars- LSX Racing Fuel System
and an ABS delete kit

Oil pressure and water temp correct kit for use of stock FD gauges

extra Evo-R head light lids for a side project and the 6000k HID kit

Hinson Super Cars subframe with oem clam shells

Hinson Super Cars torque arm

Samberg Radiator V1 w/ ac condenser and K&N cf filter

Another shot of the filter

Russell SS brake Lines

1 ls1 swap harness(might be painless) and another ls1 harness

Bride sliders

Shine Auto Project roof spolier
And I got stock exhaust manifolds and cats , alltho one needs replaced
Small update for now

T56 with shifter
Drive shaft
Bumpsteer Kit
ls1 clamshell energy suspension poly bushing
then I can finally drop the motor in
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