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ok, i am trying to keep my baby clean CLEAN. i gotta 12" sub and mono amp for it. i want to put a sub box inside the spare tire area. I wanted to make a sub box to fit in there using a sono tube (whatever diameter fits best like 18 or 20" diameter and have a cap on either end of 3/4 mdf. (i have access to a nice cnc machine to cut perfectly)

sono tube is what is used to pour concrete post forms into. its a very dense cardboard coating with a waxy substance. about 3/8" thick

bottom line.....anyone know how this would work as a box cuz i can get about 1.25 cubic feet of space in a round area very nicely (and it only needs to be about 8 or 9 inches deep! i can then cut a nice hole in the carpet and tidy everything up. maybe a nice logo on the grill.

what say you...and dont flame me ...i made a sub box before but not out of this stuff. and i am not an expert speaker box maker so......
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