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aznxmutt21 said:
mikeeymikee said:
or tj

i think they passed a new law in sd about the strip. no more touching or something?

i wouldnt waste your money if i was you.

go to either pacific beach or downtown for the clubs/bars
i think that's only in la county..?
it's the same in SD.
That's what part of the Cheetah's scandal was about..... campaign money in exchange for more less regulations in the industry here.

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depends on the night...
thursday- typhoon saloon
friday- typhoon saloon
saturday- typhoon saloon
sunday- tavern

or you can try down town- i like it better

side bar ---6th and market
on broadway -- broadway and 6th
decos - 5th
malonies -- a cool bar on 5th
those are my picks...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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