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I own a 06 Lexus IS250 AWD AT with 141k miles on it.
Today I drove it about 100 miles on a 90 degree weather at an average of 80 mph; I spent about 3.5 hours driving in total, 1 hr on a stop-and-go, and the rest on the highway; about 40 min on idle in neutral.
About 30 miles away from home it began to rain hard and I had to slow down due to traffic. Once I had to speed up, my card began to make some sort of grinding noise feeling thru the floor on the front passenger side and on the gas pedal too. The dash showed the gear on 6 but when I pressed the gas would show 5 then 6; however, the speedometer showed the needle at around 40 mph. I pressed the gas a few more time and the grinding sound/feeling continued only when pressing gas. When traffic stopped the dash showed gear on 4, I switched shifter to “manual” and brought gears down to 1. I pressed gas and car shifted somewhat normal but couldn’t tell since there was traffic. Eventually traffic cleared and rain stopped and when pressed gas car shifted ”normal” thou it felt a bit rough.
This strange behavior has never happened before and only happened once rain started.
Hope someone has some leads or info that can help me figure out what’s wrong with my car. No dash light came on, scan tool shows NO codes anywhere (BlueDriver).
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