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Stock alarm

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Will anyone please give me some informantion about the stock alarm? what does it looks like? what functions it has? when alarm/disalarm, will it horn or siren? thanks
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When you push the unlock button once, it unlocks the driver's door only. Push it a second time and it unlocks the whole car. Push the trunk release button for about 2 - 3 seconds and the trunk swings open. Push the lock button once for all doors to lock. Push it a second time and it turns off your healights. Push and hold the lock button for about 2 - 3 seconds and your alarm goes off. Okay...the only way i have succesfully been able to set my alarm off, is when i have the car locked and the windows are down and i try to unluck the car by flipping the switch on the door car was vandalized and windsheild shattered but alarm didn't go off....taht's all i know about the stock alarm! hope it helps.
2JZ Didn't your salesperson explain how the alarm works?
i don't have my is yet
I'm waiting for the 2002... just wondering what the stock alarm works like... thanks
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HAULT!!! OUR ALARM IS GREAT!!! THE BEST EVER!!! I JUST FOUND OUT ANOTHER THING ABOUT IT TODAY!!!! when the car is locked and the windows are down, when you pop the hood it unlatches, but when you go to the front and try to unlock it and lift it, the alarm goesss off!! WAHOO! IT HAS ALL THE FEATURES EVER NEEDED OR WANTED!!! <--- note all of the sarchasm...but it does go off when the hood goes up.
Yea, apparently the stock alarm isn't TOO great. I tried lifting/tilting my friend's IS from the back. Normally when it hits a certain angle, it'll set it off (when someone tries to tow your car) didn't go off...It worked on a TL though...
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