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steve o from jackass was talking to howard stern this morning about how he found out who god was by taking PCP.

as we all know steve is one crazy sob. In his new video he lit his girl on fire.

anyways enjoy what he wrote about his PCP experience.

fuck, I have to say sorry (I rarely do that), I'm sorry for the dicknose
part, it must have confused you and made you unhappy. I had been talking to
you about press releases, it was a loose reference to having forwarded your
and my e-mails to
1. Jeff Tremaine
2. Johnny Knoxville
3. Dimitry Elyashkevich
4. Candy
5. Nick Dunlap
6. Jason Berk
7. Ryan Simonetti
8. My Sister
I would have sent it to my Dad as well, but that would have upset him
unecessarily and he wouldn't have understood it, here's how I sent it to my

Don't bother upsetting Dad with this (remember, I had a whole bunch of
epiphanies last night) and just know that, in my own twisted way, it makes
sense somehow and I love you a real lot. Also, I think I might actually live
long and (very maybe) have kids somewhere really far down the road (call me,
before a couple or few days turns into anything ridiculous like a week):


this pcp business really has taken on a new meaning since I last hugged you.
at the risk of sounding gay, I really feel good about writing this e-mail to
you. pcp seems to have rearranged my life over the last six hours or so, but
that doesn't matter, because I'm the fuckin man. I'm going to start to,
casually, at my own pace, leisurely make my way to an earthshattering
revelation. You see, our time together was so special, because I was there.
Plus, you got paid to fly across the entire atlantic ocean to write roughly
2,000 words about my absolute favorite subject: myself. What's so cool about
that is that we had such a great time together as we discussed me. It might,
to some more simple-minded people, seem outlandish to describe our
debaucherous weekend as a pivotal landmark in the history of journalism, but
it really was. What the hell is this article about? Is it about a stuntman?
An actor? A clown? A skateboarder? An idiot? No. This article is about a guy
bragging about being, quite possibly, the only asshole in the world that can
call himself "professionally conceited". That, to me, is amazing. I'm not
telling you what to write your article about, I'm just saying that I rock.
Love you man, love pcp too. Disregard anything I just wrote. Take care.

Hey Jeff (Tremaine), here's the response from that really fortunate European
reporter who got paid to fly over here for no reason other than to hang out
with me. I wrote this all in bold print because I know what follows is proof
that I'm actually a really cool guy. Also, I'm promising you that I won't
fuck with pcp anymore, not unless I'm sure that it's really low-grade crap
that hardly gets you high, love you man (really, please, for the first time
in almost three full years, send me an e-mail, I've got that opening
narrative almost ready for you):

Hey Steve

Some might dismiss your email as the rantings of just

another self-absorbed, drug-crazed maniac. But not me.

I now know that you're a very special self-absorbed,

drug-crazed maniac - one I've got a lot of respect

for. I think I understand what you're talking about. I

definitely appreciate being able to hang out with you

for so long and your being so open with me. As I sit

here working on features at a women's magazine and

trying to stay awake, I've still got no idea what the

article's going to be about. But I do know that I had

a fantastic time with you. Some major laughs, some

great, interesting conversations and generally

partying and getting fucked up. Hope we can do it

again soon.

I've got some other stuff I wanted to mention to you,

but brain not working well enough yet.

Will be in touch soon



So, Chris, I'm sorry for having probably confused you. There was nothing much
about what I did to call a "press release". Now I have a different attitude a
nd my new message on the message board at (under "steve-o") is
actually titled
"Steve-O's Press Release (Dec. 5), making it much more comparable to an
actual press release. Please help me spread my message to as many people as
possible, it might make them happy, as well as make them say my name. Love
you man... (now the "dot dot dot" part stands in for "but those words don't
necessarily mean shit to me). Your a great guy and I like you a lot, thanks
for that

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**sympathy post**

so this makes sense to the 3 people on here who actuall listen to stern on a daily basis... how about a debreifing there hoss.

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I heard him on Stearn this morning, and checked out his site when I got to work. From reading what he wrote, he actually seems a lot more literate than he appears to be on tv and radio.....especially concidering he was stoned on pcp when he wrote the letter. But pcp is fucked up drug and he's obviously just a junkie if he's trying to convey to the entire world that he found god through using pcp.

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s0yb0mb said:
**sympathy post**

so this makes sense to the 3 people on here who actuall listen to stern on a daily basis... how about a debreifing there hoss.
I'm too lazy.

go scoot around on your ghey ass segway!
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