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Stereo: Where to get amp turn-on?

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Does anyone know where I can get an amp-turn on line? Usually the blue colored wire... I tapped the gray wire coming from the stock amp for a while, but that was taking too much current away and caused the stock amp to shut off. Thx.
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12:00 huh? That's what I did too. I had it turned up to 12:00 with my favorite ATB song and then -silence-. >.< I turned off the ignition and turned it back on and still no sound. I was really having a cow because at that point I thought I blew my stock amp (six days after buying the car). I disconnected the gray accessory 12 volt wire from the MTX amp and still no sound. I ended up calling the dealership and made an appointment to have my stereo looked at. The guy even said something along the lines like.. "Oh.. You installed your own stereo. That voids your warranty". Before I brought it in, I made one last effort to check my wiring and look for any broken fuses within the amp casing. It had two fuses which were still in tact. As a last ditch effort, I just took a screw driver and shorted the 12 volt constant with the 12 volt accessory and DAMN! It worked. Somehow that reseted the stock amp. Since then, I have been pretty scared to even turn it up past 10:30. I have the gain on my MTX set to about 20% right now.

Did you tap your front left and right speakers for the signal to your amp?
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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