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Stereo: Where to get amp turn-on?

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Does anyone know where I can get an amp-turn on line? Usually the blue colored wire... I tapped the gray wire coming from the stock amp for a while, but that was taking too much current away and caused the stock amp to shut off. Thx.
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Does anyone have access to an electical manual for the IS so we can determine exactly what the gray wire is and what other wire(s) might work?

I have my sub amp hooked up with the gray wire as the amp turn-on (based on your original post). My system seems to work fine. What symptoms did you have that made you think this wire isn't good? Maybe my amp uses the turn on differently than yours. Neither one should be drawing much current at all. I've played my system at 12:00 for an hour straight without problems.


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Originally posted by hackerbenny:
Did you tap your front left and right speakers for the signal to your amp?
Yep, got the amp signal from the front main speakers, thanks to your install instructions. In fact, everything you documented was spot-on.

Good luck with your amp situation...

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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