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Steering problem...going to dealer tomorrow.

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As some of u guys may know that I have weird feedback from my steering wheel. After tires rotation and pressure changed, the problem still exist, and it's getting worse. Now the steering wheel is really light at the center (lighter than a Camry) , and it shakes a alot at any speed. I'm taking the car to the dealer tomorrow, and will see what they can do with it.
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Well let see, so it shakes at any speed. Sounds your rotors are warp, but that would shake between 60-50mph while applying the brakes.

How about this one, when you go beyond 80mph the wheel vibrations gets worse, then the fault lies within the tires/rims. (For example, your rims are bent or something to that effect)

Is it a violent or tremor shake. Hopefully this problem will perform to your expectations with the service technician. By the way if they want to resurfaced the rotors say hell no! B/C you will be taking out the life of those rotors, and 70% chance that problem will come back.

Good luck, it seems odd that this car would have this type of problem at such an early age!

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