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State Inspection Sticker

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When did you get your IS300 and what month does your state inspection sticker (oops ... I meant car registration) say? I was driving home today and noticed mine expires June 2001. I got my IS300 July 31, 2000.


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Not meaning to question you or anything, but, are you SURE its not 2002 when it expires? I live in Texas also, and when I bought my car last year, it had a 2 yr inspection, and I have seen that on many other cars sitting on lots. Maybe they changed it beginning 2000 or something, but, if youre like me, it should be a 2 yr period.
The inspection sticker is applied when the car is delivered to the dealership and prepped. That much I DO know. So, if yours says June, it arrived at the dealership in June of this year.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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