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State Inspection Sticker

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When did you get your IS300 and what month does your state inspection sticker (oops ... I meant car registration) say? I was driving home today and noticed mine expires June 2001. I got my IS300 July 31, 2000.


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I don't understand it either (paying for 12 months and having it valid for 11 months before having to renew it again).

A state inspection sticker (Uncle Sam gets another chunk outta you) is required by law in Texas to bring your car to get it inspected annually for working windshield wipers, left and right blinkers, etc. It is located on the lower left side of the windshield.


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IIIseries and Marke1,

You are right - the state inspection sticker lasts for two years (so does mine). I confused it with the car registration sticker, which lasts one year.


I was told that my car came off the truck in late July (it was not a demo or used or sitting on the lot) so I know it did not arrive in June. After it arrived, I had to wait 2 days for it to be prepped and windows tinited in late July before I could pick it up for the first time on July 31.

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