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stain on escaine

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how to remove? I got stain on the passenger front seat.. I think it was chinese takeout
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Originally posted by SeattleSheila:
When I bought the car I decided there would be NO food or drink in the car and your tale has only served to strength my resolve. Oy, I think I'd have a fit!
Heh, yeah I say that every time I trade cars, quickly dies. I'm in the car almost all day long so I sometimes grab a quick bite and eat it on the run. Also on trips. You just have to be careful and tilt the sunroof open to alleviate the food smell.

That brings up a question I had when I drove the IS300, how easy is that stuff to stain?

Stephen Withrow
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98 Lexus LS400
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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