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Scratch :pissed:

I've had the car for 3 weeks or so, driven a tad over 2900kms :wink: anyways...
It was frantic at work this morning, and i didn't have my ute. I had to take some sheetmetal somewhere, so i chucked it in my boot. It slipped from me for a second, and fell onto the bumper. The scratch is pretty deep, haven't tried to buff it out or anything because i don't know how to.
Now it feels like staring at a hot chick, but shes got a mo :x
You reckon the dealer will do something for me ? i know i should be ringing them first up, instead of asking you all, but they aren't exactly open at the moment. Cyas around

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Thats bad luck.
I caught my front bar on the front gate at home one day backing down
the driveway, it was bent at 90 degrees to the car.I managed to remount it to the guard,but it left a huge crease in it.I was devestated and I couldn't
blame her as she was there.
We also had a huge scratch across the rear bar.It looked like a forklift
hit it with pallet as it was turning.(there is a construction company across
from one of her clients but no one saw a thing).
We were recomended to a smash repairs at Grandville by Lexus of Sutherland, he is a Porshe and Lexus accredeted repairer.
Our car is white/pearl and apperently very had to match
but you couldn't spot the difference.
If you need his details let me know and I can go through the paper work
at home.

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scratches will come no matter what..
My sis closed teh garage door onto my bonnet when the car was 3 months old... i have a key scratch on the bonnet, driver sides and rear bumper.. jealous inconsiderate pricks.. :pissed:

I'll respray sooner or later..
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