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I consolidated some information and photos at a Yahoo! Briefcase site for the many people who already ordered or may be ordering the SRT High Flow Intake/ECU kit. Hopefully this will serve as a consolidated area for information they may be looking for. Since many will be receiving and installing their kits at different times, this may save them time searching the forum or posting questions that were already answered:

The briefcase has two sections:

1. A file folder "SRT HFI Document" where a Word document is stored. Open the folder then click on "SRT HFI/ECU Information". Save the file "SRT HFI Info.doc" where you normally save documents (e.g. My Documents folder) then open it using Word. I saved it as a Word 6.0/95 document in case someone is using an older version. Only my comments and some of my posts are included in the document.

2. A photo album "IS300 INTAKE/ECU" which contains photos of the installation.

Hopes this helps.

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