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A while back, I posted a query about squeaks
coming from the front end. Lexus thinks
they have finally figured out what the problem
is and have tried the solution on my car. They
think that during spring compression,the
spring is turning slightly and making
the noise.

Their solution involves some sort of
rubber boot type thing to prevent the noise.
It works most of the time. I still here one
every once in a while, but I am satisfied
now. The constant squeaking before was a real
pain in the neck, amongst other places.

So if you end up having this problem and
you dealer can not figure out what it is,
tell them to call Johnson Lexus in
Raleigh, NC to get the fix.


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thanks this is good to know.

I too noticed some kind of squeak from the front end. Though my car only made the noise if I hit bumps in the road at certain angles.

Everytime I try to reproduce the sound I never can. But then when I'm not looking for it, I then hear it.

It's not bad on my car. Only hapens once in a blue moon.
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