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Hello everyone.
Ive been on the boards for a while.
As of just recently, ive noticed that while driving at crusing speeds (30-45mph) there is a squeaking/ chirping sound that is coming from what seems to be the passenger side rear tire area. I had originally thought it could be from the heat shield, but after listening more carefully, i have pin pointed the sound to the rear. My question is "Is it possible for the stock suspension (shocks?) to chirp or squeak at times under any circumstances?"

The only thing i can think of is that my drive way is very steep. IN fact, i have to go up at a very tight angle which does put alot of pressure on the passenger rear tire side. What i am wondering is if this angle that i go up the drive way could be causing my stock shock to wear out or possibly be used up quicker.. as opposed to usage from a flat drive way.

The sound is only from the passenger rear side. NOt from the driver rear side.

Lastly, is there any way to go about this with the dealership? (possible coverage under warranty?)
my is300 is a 2001 model.

I had been into the dealer once before, however, i dont think they properly heard the noise, because they fixed the front brakes (warranty) but the noise was still there.

I dont know how else to explain the noise other than it has to be metal hitting metal or metal rubbing against metal to create the high pitched chirps that i am hearing.

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