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Hey everyone,

Dropped off my car for its 5000 mile service... and noticed there was a new Graphite Grey Sportcross in the showroom... NAV, Black Leather, loaded for 38,000 sticker.

I originally was looking to buy an IS300, but was not too impressed with the interior at the time. Lexus really stepped it up with the 2002 model. The softer, matte finish dash is more upscale & the chrome around the speakers is a nice touch. I actually found the leather (particularly the perforated middle of the seat) to be of a softer, yet better quality than that found in my GS or RX loaner. The rear bumper is tight too.

However, the car in some way did feel smaller than when sitting in the IS300 sedan... maybe it was just me. Also, there are a couple 5 speeds too. Just wanted to let everyone know.
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