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Sponsors of Team Lexus enjoy racing at Bertil Roos

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Once again Team Lexus hosted its 5th annual sponsor day at Bertil Roos racing school. The day was filled with fun and excitement, while sponsors and friends of Team Lexus learned how to drive formula racecars courtesy of Dennis Macchio at BertilRoos racing school, also one of the dedicated sponsors to Team Lexus.

The day stated off at 8:30am with registration and a fitting of helmets and driving suits. After everyone was suited up, the driving instructors at Bertil Roos gave the group an extensive driving lesson. After the classroom session was complete the Team Lexus group was divided up into two separate groups. Each of the two groups then headed out on to the track where the driving instructors put each person behind the wheel of a Volvo Turbo to practice driving through the course. Then the first group of drivers climbed into their racecar and began their first twenty minute driving session. Each group switched driving throughout the day to finish a total of four heart pounding driving sessions.

By the end of the day each individual driver was able to walk away with an experience of a lifetime. Driving the formula cars through the challenging course at the Poconosnternational Speedway gives one a greater perception of the intricate and incredibly strenuous job of being a racecar driver, and also an understanding of why.........

the Team Lexus crew and drivers are so "passionate in their pursuit" of this exhilarating sport.
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