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istead of going out and getting drunk with my friends, i decided that a better use of my time would be to do the timing belt service. I didn't replace the water pump, because i'd rather let it start to fail before i have to shell out the 160 bucks.

I have to say, anyone that pays the dealer to do this service is a total loon, it is cake! I finished in just under 4 hours, but i got going to fast and had to backtrack twice(forgot to put stuff back on). This time also included draining and re-filling the trans too.

Also, never trust a dealership telling you it has been changed w/out documentation. This one told me it had been, good thing i knew better than to listen as it was the original belt at 105k, with delamination of the belt starting(scary stuff).

Anyone else forgo a fun night in leu of working on the iS tonight? haha.
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