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Speedvision 2002 IS300/sc430 test drive

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Is on in a few minutes for those who missed it....starts at 2:30am

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Next showing is on 17 and 18!

Also, anyone check out the Audi Quatro(sp?) Wagon? That thing is amazing. Has special tires for on and off road. Has these hydraulic things that lifts up the suspension and it can be manually controlled. Nice bi-turbo set up too.
Originally posted by SeattleSheila:
We drove a diesel one of those A6 Wagons last year in Germany. It was comfortable, handled nicely and had surprising "get up and go". My mother really liked it. (She's German and likes to drive, well, fast.) I swear if they had that diesel here my parents would have one by now. Only we had was that my German is not fluent and she'd never been technical even before she forgot some of her German. Therefore, reading the owner's manual to find out about the lights, bells, whistles, and nav system was a hoot. We just sat there giggling at the very long, German words and trying to figure them out! We DID though!

Hahaha, reminds me of taking German during my high school years. Don't really remember much but when someone's talking about me, at least I understand that part some what.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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