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Speed Channel adds new TV series

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The Speed Channel is adding 6 new prime-time shows aimed at the auto enthusiast (as opposed to NASCAR/racing fans). A couple of them seem particularly interesting.

Here's a brief description of each show and their debut times and dates.

<B>Tuner Transformation</B>: A twisted take on <I>Trading Spaces</I> or <I>While You Were Out</I>, where each week an unsuspecting participant hands over the keys to his ride for a radical makeover he knows nothing about. In other words, they'll mod your car without any input from you. <B><I>Debuts Tuesday, February 17 at 7:00pm ET.</I></b>

<B>Sports Car Revolution</B>: A series dedicated to the hottest trend in automotive customization – the youth-oriented “tuner” market. Includes new and classic car tests, lots of open track testing, and the feature <I>Dyno Truth or Dare</I>. <B><I>Debuts Tuesday, February 17 at 7:30pm ET.</I></b>

<B>Barrett-Jackson Car Search</B>: Each week, <I>Car Search</I> will follow three teams of experts as they race against the clock and try to stay under budget while looking for that undiscovered gem in the collectible car world. Each of the teams will be given $100,000 to buy four cars, from each of four predetermined categories -- hot rods, muscle cars, sports car and a wild card category. When all the cars cross the auction block, the team making the most profit for charity will be crowned champion. <B><I>Debuts Wednesday, February, 18 at 7:30pm ET.</I></B>

<B>Autorotica</B>: No, you dirty-minded folks, this show isn't about live action from the back seat or anything like that. It's an eclectic mix of short series, international car shows, Barrett-Jackson auction highlights, sexy motorcycle specials and classic movies. <B><I>Debuts Wednesday, February 18 at 8pm ET.</I></B>

<B>Chop Cut Rebuild</B>: This series takes the tried and true restoration format and turns it on its ear by simultaneously chronicling the complete overhaul of five totally different vehicles, such as a 1970 Chevelle SS and a 2002 Subaru WRX. <B><I> Debuts Thursday, February 19 at 7pm ET.</I></B>

<B>Behind the Headlights</B>: Each episode will acquaint its viewers with a very special, carefully chosen rare and extraordinarily valuable car and its history. You could say it's the automotive version of VH1's <I>Behind the Music.</I> <B><I>Debuts Wednesday, March 3 at 8pm ET.</I></B>

For more information, just check <A HREF=""></A>
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