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speakers in the is300...

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okies guys... i had my car for over a month now.... and i still only count 6 speakers total... wheas the other 2 ?... 2 lil ones... 2 mids... 2 6x9s... and????
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On the back deck there are 2 speakers in each 6x9 opening. They stack on top of each other.

You can't really see unless you take apart the rear deck.
are you talking about two way speakers?

Solar Yellow/Black IS300
damn what a bitc|-|... so they call that 8 speakers total????
Yeah I read in a magazine like Car & Driver or something that the speakers in the back are actually seperates that are attached together. Meaning that the tweeter is mounted on the mid range. I may be wrong but I was wondering the same thing, did some investigating and that was what I found out.
If someone knows something else please let us know.
Been there, done that...

I was ragging all over Lexus for saying 8 speakers when it looked like the back "4" were actually 2 coaxial speakers... Well someone showed me a picture, and they are "more seperate" than coaxials...

Still, this picture Lexus published does seem a bit misleading:

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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