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Ever since I got the car, whenever I hit a bump I hear a rattle. No biggy, didn't really care to much. However, when I go up a ramp, to go somewhere, like McDonalds, or anything that is elevated, and my right front tires goes up it first, (Or my left first),I hear this cracking sound on the roof of the car. It sounds like its almost ripping it apart. It shifts sometimes from left side of the roof, to the ride side of the roof. I checked my car numerous times and see that nothing has happened. I hope nothing happened internal. Now when I hit bumps, I also hear this sound, except for a very short time, because its only a bump. What do you think I should do? It seems very severe. I don't want this to continue if damage is happening to my car.

IS300, owner.
Black/Black, Fully Loaded, Spoiler, Titanium Dash.


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That's weird. Get it checked out. I go over speed bumps, etc. a lot and hear nothing at all.
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