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okay i was outside of my house and i was curious if i could smoke my 245/35/19 inch tires. So I aplied the brake, put it in second, turned off the traction control and slowly step on the gas. The rear tires slowly stated to spin. I steped on it and to my surprise they smoke nicley, my father came outside to yell at me about the noise and the tire marks. I noticed that i had two equal rubber marks. I dont think i have LSD. i lost my paper that shows all the options on the car when you buy it so i called lexus to find out if i had lsd they said no. So i thought i got lucky that both tires spun the exact same so i did it again and surley enough they were the same. Can someone tell me if i could have lsd or if there is a way on the internet to look up what options are on the car.
I have a 2001 IS - Black onyx with black leather, no heated seats
here is my vin# JTHBD182210024972
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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