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Hi gangs:
I received my copy of "Wheels" yesterday. Below are some driving impressions that you might be interested in.

  • The reviewer likes the smooth power plant. "Throttle response is quick...and the engine delivers lively performance. But feels there's a trace of low-end bog from idle. The acceleration is relaxed off the line until revs reach about 3k, after which the IS becomes a world class hurtler."
  • Space is good for 4 adults, and there's adequate back leg and foot room.
  • The car is finely balanced with quick, light and direct steering. The steering feels over boosted at first, but can be soon adjusted to its low effort action.
  • The suspension is on the stiff side and damping response is firm. It's happy to wag its tail in tight corners but oversteer is predictable and easily controlled.
  • Brake effort feels similarly light but there's good feel and the 4 wheel discs with ABS and electronic proportioning provide huge stopping power, even after repeated stops.
    He concluded by saying it will go a long way toward changing the Lexus image of staid, unexciting but competent luxury to one with more of an edge.

2.BMW 330 & 330iX
  • Hp is rated 225 in N.A. but 231 in Europe. Speed limit is governed @ 250km/h in Europe & 206 km/h in Canada.
  • Maximum torque grows only 7% but arrives @ 3500 rpm & stays constant until 4750 rpm. More than 95% of max torque is available from 2500 to 5500 rpm.
  • The engine develops meaningful urge from 1600 rpm & surges seamlessly to the 6500 rpm redline. Long gone is the lag-then-lunge character of the earlier BMW 6s. According to BMW, the 3 litre drops 0.5 sec off the 0-100 km/h time with manual trans. & 1.1 sec with the auto. The bigger gain with the auto is due to a quicker axle ratio.
  • The reviewer felt there turn-in was less sharp and more understeer than expected.
  • The 330iX adapts the AWD system from the X5. The front/rear split is 38/62% using brake intervention to control wheelspin without need for any differential locking mechanism. Also part of the "X" pkg is a 17 mm increase in ride height.
  • The AWD hardware adds 90 kg to the car's mass but a quicker final-drive ratio keeps acceleration on a par with the RWD 330s's.

330Ci 328Ci
Displacement,cc 2979 2793
max hp 225 193
@ rpm 5900 5500
max torque 221 206
@ rpm 3500-4750 3500
0-100 km/h,sec 6.5(7.0) 7.0(8.1)
80-120 km/h 6.9(na) 7.5(na)
(figures in brackets for auto)
330i $45,000
330Ci $47,900
330Ci Conv $62,800
X5 3.0i $58,600

3.MBZ CLK 320 Vs. Acura 3.2CL-S
  • Performance is closely matched even the Acura out hp the MBZ.
  • The MBZ is slightly more fun to drive because of its RWD. But the Acura's suspension is "firm and unflapable" and will hang on in corners in "grim silence" at speeds that had the MBZ sliding and squealing.
  • The Acura felt to have a better ride and handling compromise considering its stiffer tires.
  • The reviewer liked the manuauto in the MBZ better because you don't have to shift it into a different slot for manual operation. It can be left in D positon and just "whack" it left and right when shifting.
  • The Acura has very tall gearing. The engine is turning 2100 rpm at 120 km/h. (I wonder if this is the reason that Brad? in earlier post mentioned that the speed "drops" when going at high speed?)
  • The braking distance of the Acura was disapointing.
  • In the end, the price and performance combination is too good to pass up.

Acura MBZ
Price $40,000 $58,350
0-50 km/h 3.0 2.9
0-100 km/h 7.1 7.6
0-1/4 mile 15.1 15.6
@ km/h 157 150
60-100 km/h 4.1
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