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some interesting street races, etc...

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Tonight was a fun night. First, my friend who was borrowing his dads 740i wanted to race for fun ( I though I would lose ). I figured an obvious loss on my part but I guess the weight of that car + his bad driving let me win 2 outta 3 races off the light that we had. That was a fun thing, then later that night we saw and old Camaro SS that was all tricked out and SO LOUD. When he accelerated I had to cover my ears. THEN, there was this JDM integra that I think had a turbo because he raped me when I tried to accelerate on him, but it was a tight looking car. Later that night, there was this Jetta with a crap load of stickers and an exhaust system and he was all up on me so we raced once off the light and he easily was over taken. THEN I saw a silver IS that was dropped (i think that was the only mod) and we raced twice. I think the the fact that she had 2 kids in the car plus my exhaust and lighter weight allowed me to pull both times. On top of that I saw some tight cars just cruisin, what a fun night! Thought i would just share my fun.
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I think he meant it had the JDM conversion where the front headlights look like the Japanese Domestic Model...

-Chris Y.
i also had an interesting night there was a kid in a Camaro and we were on a freeway (know one was on it so dont worry) he was goin about 100 so i cought up flashed my light and it was on we were goin 125 or so and i was beating him by a little bit KEEP IN MIND IM IN AN ACCORD LOL. i dont know how that happens but the accord can move or maybe its just the great driving lol
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I've seen a lot of those JDM fronts around Maryland... A LOT! Those things are fast man. Some dude with a white JDM conversion runs 12.7et NA with full interior and steetable. Thats pretty fast if ya ask me.
The steering wheel was on the right side. I dont think it was a conversion.

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believe it or not, here are my victories with my stock is300 so far:
-riced out prelude(he just couldn't keep up)
-dropped 528/540?(he gave up)
-nice lookin passat(same)
-genuine black integ type-r(barely
-probe/probe gt?(he exited the freeway
-acura 3.2 tl(wasn't really a race, but he was pissed)
-riced out civic si(driver was an asian chick

those were fun memories, what kills do you guys have?
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