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Some info Sportcross rain guards.

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For all you Sportcross owners that have been wondering about the Oem Toyota Altezza Gita rain guards....sorry to inform you that they are discontinued. Most of you might have already known that, but I didn't.

Since I don't speak much Japanese and engrish is my first language I decided to hit up the next place we might be able to get oem rain guards from, NEW ZEALAND ( cause them dudes speak English). Called about 6 different parts wreckers out there to source one set. No luck. I ended up doing what I didn't want to do...calling the dealer. We all know how much dealer prices can go up to in the states, but in another country? I didn't want to even hear how much they would cost, but when contacting the dealership in man with the accent told me...."sorry sir no can do."

I then hung up and sobbed quietly in my community college bathroom.

Some guys at other wreckers have my number and info for when they do source a set, so I'm crossing my fingers.

All I want is an OEM TOYOTA ALTEZZA set for my sportcross.

If anything I'll pick up a sedan set, cause they actually look sexy as fukk on Emerson's car. BTW - Thank you Emerson for sending me those photos....hella appreciate that.

Peace and Aloha,
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Justin, I would just rock the sedan ones. Only your fellow SportXer would know they are not correct, and half of them would know either.

The chance of you running into of those 1,500 is pretty slim. hahaha
Squareback, you're probably right boss. Not much people will be able to tell. I'm putting work in for my fellow sport crossers though. I'm new to your community and would like to contribute as much as I can. I'm in Hawaii so I'm much closer to the motherland, Japan, than most of the boys on the forum. I'm in contact with people in Japan and New Zealand at the moment, and will be getting in contact with people in Australia and the Phillipines very soon. I will not stop till i can get a some sets into the US.

If I do succeed, I'll probably bulk order as much as I can afford, to save on shipping, and then offer it to the boys on the site for the same price I picked them up for with the shipping costs divided up equally. I dont want to make any profit.....just help da boys out....

BTW thanks for allowing me to be apart of the forum community.

wow i never knew they were discontinued?!

youre welcome Justin for the pictures bro!
Emerson, well thats what came directly out of a Toyota dealership parts department manager's mouth, in Auckland, New Zealand when I spoke with them today.

I really appreciate you taking the time to take detailed pics for me.
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So after some research and chronic hours of contacting various people in various countries, I was able to get my hands on a set of genuine Toyota Altezza Gita window visors. The visors have "Altezza" stamped on them. I told you I wouldn't stop till I got a set. I have the Toyota part number for the visors if you would like it. Got them to Hawaii for about 175-180 shipped for Japan via EMS.

Hit me up if you would like the contact email to get a set, I will gladly share it. I'm broke so I didn't have any money to order extras.

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I have a lot more pictures,but since I'm at school, I had a friend phone pic this one to show the rear fitment. SHITTs Oem so no worrys. They came with foamstickiness attached with clips that go under weather stripping, directions, and protective plastic wrap around them. The person I got them from is legit and boxed them up sooooooo good that you'll trip out when you see pics. I'll post more when I get home from school.
OMG! i need them bad Justin!

man ur a great addition to the sportx family!

Thank you Emerson, I glad to finally have a family.:(:) hahahahhaha

I'm late to class , but if you want...I'll hook you up with my contact's email after I get out of school. I know advertising is illegal here on the forums so let me know and I'll pm you all the info.

That goes to anyone else as well...If you want to contact hit me up. I'd be more than happy to assist.

That is pretty ballerish. Nice find.

Thanks boss too bad I am not balling at all...I'm eating peanut butter honey sandwich homelunchs everyday to pay for this car. :cool

sweet! those things look brand new??? cool cool, nice dig.
Shaggin, These are brand new Oem...came plastic wrapped in Toyota packaging. If anyone needs them pm me and I'll give you the contacts name and email. all I wanted to do is help fellow sportX owners...You can get these shipped to your door for a buck eighty.
Let me know.
The box it came in:

Contents of box:


Directions I can't read. Hahaaaa Good thing it had pictures. Although this install needs no directions

side shot

Thats it for now.
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Nice Justin! Ya, the packaging is legit. Thanks for posting pics! Man, your Sportx makes me wanna paint mine black! lol I like the red tails, nice accent on the black. Do you know where the previous owner got those side skirts and rear lip from?


The red tails are one of the main things I like about the rearend. I'm trying to get a stock rear bumper so I can get the car a little lower. The lip is a TRD replica cut into three pieces to fit the sportcross bumper. Its been fully molded and painted so to do anything different I have to take the whole bumper off.
Its a shetty pic and it makes it look like theres side skirts, but I dont have any skirts. Let me know if you need any further info and I'd be glad to help you out.

Peace and Aloha,

Your car looks great man. I like the progression pics.....
BTW, How does the plastic bra attach? and where did you get your chrome rings for your headlights...and how long did it take for the whole process....My driver side headlight is catching moisture and I'd like to seal them up..

Thanks for all the info, I'll put that to use.

AS for the shipping it took 4 days to get here. April 8 - April 12th. Awesome service if you ask me.

By any chance do you know anyone that I could get a sport design emblem from? I have an all chrome Sport design grill that I was told came off a gita in Japan, can anyone confirm of a legit chrome sportdesign grill? I'll post in the wanted area as well.

I need some wheel spacers till I get funds for new wheels. I've had about five different grills on the car since I've had it. Can't figure out which one I like. :confused:

This was at school and the car was hella dirty. Imma clean her up and take a better pic.
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we have the same gril justin...the z-edition grill, all i did was cut the emblem from my stock grill to make it fit the z-edition
My bad I was talking about the other grill I have.

This is the grill I was asking about. It looks identical to a sport design grill, but its chrome. I want to run it on the car, but I don't have an emblem for it.

I have too many grills.
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Hey Justin,

I just sent the e-mail out for the Window Visors. I can't wait.

So how did you have to pay for them?

I am guessing that it will not hear back until tomorrow, since it is about 11pm over there.
I only use paypal for transactions. He's a good dude with great communication.
Thanks for the info Josh, I'll look for a stock emblem locally to dremel out.

yup yup Josh is correct!

youre a grillz whore! hehe

Hahahaaaa Grills were the only thing I could get my hands on for good prices. Since I'm a broke ass I went for whatever I could get here in Hawaii to help on shipping.

I'm just wondering if anyone saw this grill before and what cars it came on?
Its the same as a SD grill but chrome. I've never seen it on any car besides the guy that I bought it from. His had a matching larger Altezza emblem unmodded.
I never seen that grill though with an attached Altezza emblem before.
Every picture I've seen of the Alteza Gita stock, has a sport design grill with an Big Black Altezza emblem.

I'm just wondering why mine is a chrome grill?
Hey did anyone end up ordering some visors?

I'm not allowed to sell anything yet, but anyone interested in a red altezza emblem for a Zenki grill? How many posts do I have to have before I can sell anything?
I payed for mine Friday morning. I was using my work e-mail haven't checked it today. Will update you as soon as I know.

As far as I know you have to have at least 50 post to be able to sell in the Market place.

Glad to hear you ordered a set. You'll be glad you held out.

I never noticed, but I'm pretty close to 50 posts....:bigSmile:

Not to sound likea bitchass Just wanted to thank everyone for being hella nice since I've came on the forum. Thanks guys.
Awww thanks Mummy Emerson. I feel the love all around **** although that sounded **** as fukk. heheheeee

Yessur, as bossman Squareback and Emerson mentioned...Nigel is the man you want to hit up for the visors, if you're looking for sedan ones that is, he has them in stock.

best of luck ...
except for the burn marks from me failing on ashing my cigs out the window when the window is cracked =(
BWhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah I used to do the same thing in my civic. haven't done it in my IS yet,...cross fingers. I hit the pillar instead of the window sometimes. :confused:
ok, and nigel has these yea?
Nigel has the Altezza Sedan ones...yes.
Hey Justin,

Just got back from my business trip window visors were here. After opening them I realized they are the wrong ones. Not sure for what Toyota they are for. Sent Masa an e-mail I am waiting on a response.:(

Whaaaaaaa? Don't know what happened there. That's all the info I had on the ones I got on my car. I'm so sorry about that. Hit Masa up.

Were the ones you received the sedan ones or something?
You let him know you needed the visors for an Altezza Gita right?

I'll hit him up as well to help out. Pm me your name so I can let him know.

I don't know the guy personally and I was passing on the info and contact.

Help me help you on this. I don't feel right that you got the wrong item. Hit up Masa and let me know what he says. There's not much I can do, but too hit him up as well.

Let me know how things go.
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