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Some info Sportcross rain guards.

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For all you Sportcross owners that have been wondering about the Oem Toyota Altezza Gita rain guards....sorry to inform you that they are discontinued. Most of you might have already known that, but I didn't.

Since I don't speak much Japanese and engrish is my first language I decided to hit up the next place we might be able to get oem rain guards from, NEW ZEALAND ( cause them dudes speak English). Called about 6 different parts wreckers out there to source one set. No luck. I ended up doing what I didn't want to do...calling the dealer. We all know how much dealer prices can go up to in the states, but in another country? I didn't want to even hear how much they would cost, but when contacting the dealership in man with the accent told me...."sorry sir no can do."

I then hung up and sobbed quietly in my community college bathroom.

Some guys at other wreckers have my number and info for when they do source a set, so I'm crossing my fingers.

All I want is an OEM TOYOTA ALTEZZA set for my sportcross.

If anything I'll pick up a sedan set, cause they actually look sexy as fukk on Emerson's car. BTW - Thank you Emerson for sending me those photos....hella appreciate that.

Peace and Aloha,
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Thank you Justin for all your hard work on getting the visors for us.

Sent you a PM for contact info.
Hey Justin,

I just sent the e-mail out for the Window Visors. I can't wait.

So how did you have to pay for them?

I am guessing that it will not hear back until tomorrow, since it is about 11pm over there.
Hey did anyone end up ordering some visors?

I'm not allowed to sell anything yet, but anyone interested in a red altezza emblem for a Zenki grill? How many posts do I have to have before I can sell anything?

I payed for mine Friday morning. I was using my work e-mail haven't checked it today. Will update you as soon as I know.

As far as I know you have to have at least 50 post to be able to sell in the Market place.
Hey Justin,

Just got back from my business trip window visors were here. After opening them I realized they are the wrong ones. Not sure for what Toyota they are for. Sent Masa an e-mail I am waiting on a response.:(
I waited to get to work this morning to use my company e-mail since it was the one that I had been using to contact him all along.

So I know I won't hear anything back. The ones I got don't are not the sedans. They are for some Toyota. I compared my box to the ones on your pictures and it is totally different.

Thanks for trying to help. not your fault think that it was an honest mistake. Because on the box itself it says Altezza Gita Visors. I think I will wait for a reply an dsee waht he says.


You have no idea how shetty I feel about the situation. I do feel responsible. I'm so sorry. As Josh said, please keep us updated. Let me know if htere is anything I can do. Best of Luck.
Got a an e-mail this morning from Masa he said just return the ones I got and he will send out the correct ones. C&P of his e-mail :

Hi, Miguel-san.

We thank you for your message.

Could you please send us the part number on the instruction(it is on 1st page) that came with the visors? The number should be 08611-53020. If it is not the same, we are sorry but we had sent you the wrong visors to you. Please send it back to you, and we will ship the ones for Gita.

Thank you very much for your help.

My Best Regards,
Masahiro Tabata

I will use my work Fed Ex and Overnight so he gets them tomorrow :cool:. Then we must wait again for the real ones to come in hopefully :).
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I shippped back the ones he sent yesterday. I got the below e-mail. Just to keep everyone updated.

Hi, Miguel-san.

We thank you for your reply.

We are sorry but the Part Number : 08611-52080 is not the visors for Altezza Gita. We are very sorry for our mistake. We are going to start arranging the re-shipment for your item, the visors for Altezza Gita. Once we finish the shipment for your item, we will inform you the tracking number.

Once again, we are very sorry about the mistake.

Thank you very much.

My Best Regards,
Masahiro Tabata
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Word. Just make sure you tell him Altezza Gita. I didn't even have a part number when I ordered mine. Aloha. I shoulda asked him is we could do a group buy. oh well:rolleyes:
I did tell him Altezza Gita. it said it on the box when it came in. I think in my case it was a mistake. Cause When I e-mailed him my order he remembered Justin and knew exactly what i wanted.
Probably just a mix up...Hope you get the right ones soon. Post pics when you install them please. :)
Will due. i think they are waiting for the old ones to get there before they send the new set. I sent the wrong ones FEDEX international priority which should take about 2-3 days. But it is taking longer than that to get there. Says they should get them May 6, 2010 by 6:00 PM.

I expect to get mine a couple days after that. But I will keep everyone updated.
So, in a week or so I am getting Altezza visors. It was part of a trade deal my buddy and I had a while back. Now that Justin found a source to get Gita visors, I want to sell the sedan ones and get the Gitas. You guys think it's worth doing or should I just leave it alone and use the Altezza ones. How much total shipped for the Gita visors again?
I personally like to try and use official parts as much possible. Mine were $173.00 shipped...Still waiting on them though..LOL. :cool:
Any updates Miguel!?
I have not heard anything back I did send them an e-mail. I do not know if this had any thing to do with it. But the ones that I sent back were stuck in customs for like 5 days they finally got them yesterday. I am hoping that now they will send out mine. Keeping my fingers crossed. :whine:
Just to update everyone on what is going on. The Visors were just ordered on May 6th and they are waiting to receive them. Japan was on a National Holiday, which might explain why it took the visors I sent back over a week to get there. He is also going to refund the shipping cost for sending the visors back.

Hi, Miguel-san.

We thank you for your message.

We are sorry for the delay, but we have not received the visors for Altezza Gita from TOYOTA dealer yet that we had made the order on May 6th(We could not order the items from TOYOTA from April 28 - May 5th because TOYOTA had been taking Japanese National Holidays). We would receive the items from TOYOTA soon, and once we receive the visors from TOYOTA dealer, we will ship the item to you right away and inform you the tracking number.

Yes, we had received the visors from you day before yesterday. Thank you very much. Please let us know the shipping cost you had paid to Fedex and your Paypal address. We will pay for the cost.

Thank you very much.

My Best Regards,
Masahiro Tabata
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That's good to hear. ^ Too bad you gotta wait a bit longer now though! =( But at least they are refunding shipping.

As soon as I sell my altezza visors I'm going to order the Gitas.
Yeah so far these guys have been very good. I will most def use them again. It sux that I have to wait a little longer but good things come to those who
I'm glad Masa is handling things very professionally. I still feel bad that things didn't go as smoothly as mine did. There's no doubt that you'll be hella hyped when you ge tthe right product on your car...cant wait to see them on your car.
peace Justin
They have been very professional so far. He has already refunded me my shipping cost. Just got to wait. This gave me the opportunity to get my windows tinted before they come in.
Nice, can't wait to see pics.

I am going to email them later this week and find out if they can get the JDM sunroof visor for a good price.
I would be interested in that. Maybe if enough of us want it we can do a bulk order. Hopefully get extra savings.
OUCH !! $241 didn't think they would cost that much for just the Roof Visor.

Has any one checked these guys Visors. I can shoot them an e-mail to check what they are looking for.
Yeah, pricey..but that's the going rate for JDM. L tuned parts has them too for around $215 before shipping.

Yup, I just emailed my auto fashion last night regarding the sunroof visor. Once I get a reply on price I will let you know.
HAHAHA....I just e-mailed them about 2 hours ago. Lets see what happens.
OK guys...I finally got my Visors yesterday and they are perfect. I put them on right away. I took pictures just got to get them of my camera. I will put them up shortly.

Took these late last night so you can see the dew and condensation on the car. Sorry but I was very excited.

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Pictures are up.
Visors look great, nice mod!

Is your tint supposed to be that blue or has it aged like that?
Tint is black not sure why it looks blue that way. I don't have the front windows tinted. maybe that is why.
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