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Some info Sportcross rain guards.

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For all you Sportcross owners that have been wondering about the Oem Toyota Altezza Gita rain guards....sorry to inform you that they are discontinued. Most of you might have already known that, but I didn't.

Since I don't speak much Japanese and engrish is my first language I decided to hit up the next place we might be able to get oem rain guards from, NEW ZEALAND ( cause them dudes speak English). Called about 6 different parts wreckers out there to source one set. No luck. I ended up doing what I didn't want to do...calling the dealer. We all know how much dealer prices can go up to in the states, but in another country? I didn't want to even hear how much they would cost, but when contacting the dealership in man with the accent told me...."sorry sir no can do."

I then hung up and sobbed quietly in my community college bathroom.

Some guys at other wreckers have my number and info for when they do source a set, so I'm crossing my fingers.

All I want is an OEM TOYOTA ALTEZZA set for my sportcross.

If anything I'll pick up a sedan set, cause they actually look sexy as fukk on Emerson's car. BTW - Thank you Emerson for sending me those photos....hella appreciate that.

Peace and Aloha,
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I have the Toyota part number for the visors if you would like it. Got them to Hawaii for about 175-180 shipped for Japan via EMS.

Hit me up if you would like the contact email to get a set, I will gladly share it. I'm broke so I didn't have any money to order extras.
Wow...excellent find Justin! Now that's Wassup!

PM me the details too....Toyota part#, contact info, ect... :)
Nice Justin! Ya, the packaging is legit. Thanks for posting pics! Man, your Sportx makes me wanna paint mine black! lol I like the red tails, nice accent on the black. Do you know where the previous owner got those side skirts and rear lip from?

The red tails are one of the main things I like about the rearend. I'm trying to get a stock rear bumper so I can get the car a little lower. The lip is a TRD replica cut into three pieces to fit the sportcross bumper. Its been fully molded and painted so to do anything different I have to take the whole bumper off.
Its a shetty pic and it makes it look like theres side skirts, but I dont have any skirts. Let me know if you need any further info and I'd be glad to help you out.

Peace and Aloha,
Oh okay, got me! lol I was just trippin bout those side skirts! I like that lip though. I want to try and find someone here local that can modify a lip like that...or I can just continue to look for a rear gita bumper. Thanks for the info and the PM bro. Yeah, I love the look of the red out tails. Here's mine :):

Your car looks great man. I like the progression pics.....
BTW, How does the plastic bra attach? and where did you get your chrome rings for your headlights...and how long did it take for the whole process....My driver side headlight is catching moisture and I'd like to seal them up..
Thanks Justin. I still have a few things to install in the next week or so....just been busy.

The hood deflector is OEM so the fitment is excellent. It has 4 rubber/plastic like clips that connect to the hood. Doesn't scratch the hood at all. Also has hood bumpers that are mounted on the hood inside of the deflector so that it doesn't bump and scratch the hood.

For the headlights, it's pretty much an all day project. You want to take your time and do it perfectly. It took my friend and I about 6-7 hours to complete. Our headlights (just the Sportcross) come with stock chrome housings. So, to get the chrome rings you have to slowly mask off your own. When your masking be sure to remove a lot of the adhesive because some of the chrome can rip off easy with peeling it off.

I followed these two DIYs for the project:

I have not had any condensation issues what so ever. It rains a ton in WA. I bought some clear waterproof sealant for automobiles at Autozone and applied it over the OEM glue. Some just re-used the OEM glue and some have removed the OEM glue and added new sealant. I used both. Let me know if you have more questions on this, more than happy to help. :) Oh, I think the black painted headlights will be a very nice touch to your sportx...with or without the chrome rings.

Oh, how long did shipping take on the Gita visors?
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This is the grill I was asking about. I looks identical to a sport design grill, but it chrome. I want to run it on the car, but I don't have an emblem for it.

Take the "L" off the stock Sportcross grill and mount on that one^.

You will need to slightly modify the "L" though. There's a couple options. These are with the z-edition grills though but it should be relatively the same.

This one doesn't have any pics but it's really simple

This one with pics and a lil different
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AS for the shipping it took 4 days to get here. April 8 - April 12th. Awesome
Damn, that's fast shipping!
we have the same gril justin...the z-edition grill, all i did was cut the emblem from my stock grill to make it fit the z-edition
Yo Emerson, what way did you do on fitting your "L" on the Z-edition? I'm doing mine next week! ;) I just don't know what's the best option.

youre a grillz whore! hehe


Thanks for the info Josh, I'll look for a stock emblem locally to dremel out.

Hahahaaaa Grills were the only thing I could get my hands on for good prices. Since I'm a broke ass I went for whatever I could get here in Hawaii to help on shipping.

I'm just wondering if anyone saw this grill before and what cars it came on?
Its the same as a SD grill but chrome. I've never seen it on any car besides the guy that I bought it from. His had a matching larger Altezza emblem unmodded.
No problem Justin! The SD grill was only available for the SD sedan option but now you can buy them here:
L-Tuned Parts - Lexus IS300 Sport Design Grille

I never seen that grill though with an attached Altezza emblem before.
Ah, shitty! Hope all works out okay. It was probably just a honest mistake. Keep us posted Miguel.
So the correct toyota part# for this is 08611-53020?

Not the one below?
LWE18L 021
No worries Justin, just clarifying so when I order mine I know what to say. =)
So, in a week or so I am getting Altezza visors. It was part of a trade deal my buddy and I had a while back. Now that Justin found a source to get Gita visors, I want to sell the sedan ones and get the Gitas. You guys think it's worth doing or should I just leave it alone and use the Altezza ones. How much total shipped for the Gita visors again?
^^yah im about to do the same...just dont know when...dont have free spending cash at the moment
Coo, yeah I am selling stuff local here on craigslist so that I can get those Gita visors. lol Hopefully I can get like 90-100 for the Altezza visors yea?

I personally like to try and use official parts as much possible. Mine were $173.00 shipped...Still waiting on them though..LOL. :cool:
Yeah, me too. 173 shipped is a damn good price. Post pics when you get them on!
I personally like to try and use official parts as much possible. Mine were $173.00 shipped...Still waiting on them though..LOL. :cool:
Any updates Miguel!?
That's good to hear. ^ Too bad you gotta wait a bit longer now though! =( But at least they are refunding shipping.

As soon as I sell my altezza visors I'm going to order the Gitas.
They have been very professional so far. He has already refunded me my shipping cost. Just got to wait. This gave me the opportunity to get my windows tinted before they come in.
Nice, can't wait to see pics.

I am going to email them later this week and find out if they can get the JDM sunroof visor for a good price.
I would be interested in that. Maybe if enough of us want it we can do a bulk order. Hopefully get extra savings.
Yeah, that would be nice. I will keep you posted on this when I find out the details.
I already got a response from Masa. Here's what he sent to me regarding Gita door/roof visors and on group buy. Since they already offer their lowest price the best they can do it cut down on shipping. I might just keep my Altezza window visors and go for the sunroof visor. It's pricey though but I love the way they look. Maybe, I will just get both....;)

Hi, Josh-san

Thank you for your inquiry to us directly in Japan.

Yes, we can supply you the TOYOTA Japan Genuine door visors(roof visor as well) for TOYOTA Altezza Gita 2001-05 models.

The price for the 1 set of the door visors is...
Door Visors for TOYOTA Altezza Gita 2001-05 models x 1 Set : $130.00
EMS Air Shipping Cost to the US Area : $43.00
Paypal Charge : $6.99(We take care of this)

The price for the roof visor is...
Roof Visor for TOYOTA Altezza Gita 2001-05 models x 1 : $198.00
EMS Air Shipping Cost to the US Area : $43.00
Paypal Charge : $9.74(We take care of this)

We can do combined shipping for multiple items, so you will save the shipping cost(if we ship the 2 items, the shipping cost will be $70.00USD). Regarding the group buy discount, we will give you some discounts but not too much because we are always giving our best price for the items.
OUCH !! $241 didn't think they would cost that much for just the Roof Visor.

Has any one checked these guys Visors. I can shoot them an e-mail to check what they are looking for.
Yeah, pricey..but that's the going rate for JDM. L tuned parts has them too for around $215 before shipping.

Yup, I just emailed my auto fashion last night regarding the sunroof visor. Once I get a reply on price I will let you know.
Congrats brother! Can't wait to see pics.
man i need these soon!

Looks great Miguel, thanks for posting!
silly question, how do i go about getting a set of these lol
Check your PM box.
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