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Some info Sportcross rain guards.

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For all you Sportcross owners that have been wondering about the Oem Toyota Altezza Gita rain guards....sorry to inform you that they are discontinued. Most of you might have already known that, but I didn't.

Since I don't speak much Japanese and engrish is my first language I decided to hit up the next place we might be able to get oem rain guards from, NEW ZEALAND ( cause them dudes speak English). Called about 6 different parts wreckers out there to source one set. No luck. I ended up doing what I didn't want to do...calling the dealer. We all know how much dealer prices can go up to in the states, but in another country? I didn't want to even hear how much they would cost, but when contacting the dealership in man with the accent told me...."sorry sir no can do."

I then hung up and sobbed quietly in my community college bathroom.

Some guys at other wreckers have my number and info for when they do source a set, so I'm crossing my fingers.

All I want is an OEM TOYOTA ALTEZZA set for my sportcross.

If anything I'll pick up a sedan set, cause they actually look sexy as fukk on Emerson's car. BTW - Thank you Emerson for sending me those photos....hella appreciate that.

Peace and Aloha,
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Justin, I would just rock the sedan ones. Only your fellow SportXer would know they are not correct, and half of them would know either.

The chance of you running into of those 1,500 is pretty slim. hahaha
That is pretty ballerish. Nice find.
Yeah and beat it sedan boy. Hahaha. Just playing. Yeah sedan ones are easy to get.
jsquared, i'm just goofing. We need all the traffic we can get in this section, so post away hahaha.

We are pretty tight in the SportX side, since there is only a few of us.
that is baller type ish right there, and I don't even like window visors. NICE!
1 - 5 of 121 Posts